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May 19, 2004 -

The Turkish Bulletin – May 17, 2004

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Release of “The Turkish Bulletin”, the semi-monthly newsletter of BNP Paribas in Turkey. “The Turkish Bulletin” presents a macro economic analysis on the following topics :
– Economy and market,
– Politics and domestic affair
– Company news
– Sector news and privatization

Emerging market bond sell offs at the back of US interest rate expectations and dispute over educational reform in the country trigerred the volatility in the Turkish market ; result: depreciation of TRL against USD by 15% and 7% surge in domestic interest rates. February current account deficit announcement was not a reliever also. Not a panic situation given the comfort provided by the positive April fiscal data but a worming to the AKP government to full heatedly commit itself to the IMF program.

The Turkish Bulletin – May 17, 2004 – Acrobat Document (80 ko)

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