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April 20, 2010 - ,

TEB Green Banking: “There is still hope”

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As a Bank that is aware of its responsibility to contribute to a sustainable environment, TEB has developed and deployed a systematic management approach to minimize the environmental impact of its business operations.

The Bank aims to:
• Preserve and effectively use natural resources,
• Reduce and recycle waste at source,
• Offer environmental-friendly products,
• Increase resource savings and energy efficiency,
• Follow up scientific and technological developments to prevent environmental pollution and continuously improve its environmental performance,
• Increase the environment awareness of its employees, suppliers and customers.

TEB became the first deposit bank in Turkey entitled to receive ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard Certification.
The Bank aims to minimize the negative environmental impact (i.e. the carbon footprint) of its banking operations in part through obtaining ISO 14001 Certification. As a result, the Bank plans to reduce energy consumption by 10%, paper consumption by 25%, water consumption by 10% and its overall carbon footprint by 5%.

TEB also demonstrates its contribution to the environment through a variety of initiatives in many environmentally oriented products including Energy Saving Consumer Credit, Organic Agriculture Credit and Hybrid Car Credit.

TEB prioritizes raising the level of environmental knowledge and societal awareness of environmental issues, and positions itself as an environmentally friendly bank.

The Bank demonstrated its efforts toward increasing public awareness of the environment through sponsorship of the Turkish premiere of the film, “HOME,” which depicts our planet’s environmental problems. Following the premiere, special screenings were organized in well-known schools to increase environmental awareness and TEB’s green banking approach. Certificates from TEMA were presented to all participants.

Lately, TEB, has sponsored the Turkish program “Documentary Time” which aired “6 Billion Others; and also sponsored “Climate Voices” which showed a special screening on Channel 24.. Being the sponsor of such a film based on “an alarm call” by those who are undergoing the consequences caused by the climate change is totally in line with the Bank’s Green Banking approach.

Watch the video “Climate Voices” online